Virtual assessment and treatment

During this time due to Covid 19 we want you to stay safe, to be able to access our services and remain connected

We can offer you all our expert knowledge and skills by remote assessment and treatment plans conducted remotely via video call.

We will take a full history, carry out a thorough assessment and observe your restriction to movement and function

Provide you a with bespoke exercise plan to follow and links to many on line support sites

We will explain and advise on pain management, also explaining mechanism of injury, healing process and likely time frames for recovery

We will guide you through your rehabilitation program to enable you to reach your goals

During your treatment you will have direct access between appointments with your physiotherapist to discuss any concerns and ensure your recovery is both smooth and speedy.

Call the clinic 0151 722 9955 and we will be able to set up your video appointment

With kindest regards and keep safe

Mel – clinic director