Woolton Physiotherapy is committed to working with occupational health and managers to achieve:

  • Health in work
  • Health at work
  • Health for life

Melanie became interested in providing occupational health services following her work at Fords Motor Company where she spent 10 years providing clinical treatment, assessment, advice and health promotion. Her role often involved assessing the ergonomics and risks involved in different working environments within the plant. She recognised the importance of physiotherapy being part of the health team maintaining a healthy workforce. Woolton physiotherapy now has a dynamic team of staff providing physiotherapy services at workplaces across the region. We are at the forefront of integrating physiotherapy as a key role in occupational health.

WPC have successfully been awarded the contracts to provide the physiotherapy service at two local government occupational health units. We also provide a physiotherapy service and ergonomic support at local companies across the north west.

We provide professional advice “on site” at Industrial factories and corporate businesses across the region. At present we are involved in a local project to implement a physiotherapy service, identify areas of potential risk and provide the education required to meet the needs of the workforce in a large company.

We provide an excellent, accountable and value for money service.

  • Woolton Physiotherapy is committed to working with Occupational Health Units and managers to achieve a healthy workforce.
  • Specialist team of experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapists.
  • Early intervention to enable employees to remain in work or return to work sooner.
  • Full assessments, discharge reports and management strategies.
  • Health promotion, education and preventative measures.
  • Database for evidence based practice which gives usable statistics and information.

We work closely with Health and Safety, Medical staff and Management to develop and promote health at work.

We want to make a difference, be a team member and play a key role in reducing sickness absence and maintain a healthy workforce.