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We have been running a healthy eating initiative for the staff in the clinic – encouraged by having on site access to our new Clinical Dietician. We have two golden girls who win employee of the month for sure for collectively losing 39IIbs, which is over 2 stone and the equivalent to 18 bags of sugar!!!!!!

Laura Clarke is our new on-site Dietician and latest member of our team. She is originally from Scotland but we lured her to Merseyside and have kept her here for the last 14 years.
She is not only a lovely lady who is very motivational, she is also extremely knowledgeable on all things FOOD. She can guide you on how best to eat well for you, stimulate weight loss and improve any health issues and heal the body from a lot of chronic clinical diseases. Laura always goes the extra mile to help you achieve the results you desire. Laura also teaches Pilates and will be offering some classes in our new studio soon!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our Jo on her marriage on 24/06/17. Jo is one of our senior Physiotherapy staff who has worked for the clinic for the past 20yrs! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Guest wishing you both lots of love and happiness for the future.

It’s holiday season and our clinics staff have been gallivanting. So far, we have covered Spain, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Greece, France, Italy and last but not least the Machu Picchu and the legendary Inca Trail in Peru. Fortunately, everyone is home safe and sound and back in work

Summer feet for any new client wanting Chiropody/Podiatry we have a great offer of £22 instead of £27 for your first 30-minute appointment. Why not take full advantage of this offer and get your feet summer, sandal ready. Weekend and evening appointments available.
Mummy MOT we are offering £10 off this invaluable service. This is a thorough postnatal assessment with a women’s health Physiotherapist who will look at your tummy muscles, pelvic floor function, residual aches and pains and advice on your safest route to return to exercise. Why not invest some time in your safe recovery and prevent any problems that may occur in the future. If you are six weeks postnatal or anytime beyond and interested in this service contact the clinic
Quote code ‘MOTWPC’ to receive your discount.

None of us have perfect posture all of the time but we should know where our bodies are in time and space and how to come back to a better neutral alignment regularly throughout the day!
So, set yourself a goal of checking your posture regularly throughout your day no matter where you are.
• Start at your feet try and equally distribute your weight between your big toe, little toe and mid heel.
• If standing make sure your knees are not locked out, keep the knee cap and thigh muscles soft.
• Try and keep your pelvis in a neutral position. If sitting sit equally on your sit bones (the bony prominences in your bottom cheeks), if standing point your tail bone downwards not tucked under or out.
• Grow upward and tall through your spine and not allow the front of your rib cage to flare forwards or sink in.
• Shoulders have a large range of movement and can sit in a lot of positions that can cause problems. Think about relaxing them down away from the ears, draw the shoulder blades gently towards the spine and down.
• And last but not least in this day and age we jut out our chins a lot which can cause neck pain. Try and lengthen the back of the neck and gently nod your chin down and in to feel a stretch at the back of the neck.
• So check, are your ears in line with your shoulders and shoulders in line with your hips.
Try to correct your posture and hold for 10 to 30 seconds at a time every hour or so. Each time you do this you enable the postural muscles to work and correct any potential muscle imbalances you may have.

Studio: As you may have noticed we are having a purpose built studio added onto the clinic. We currently provide Clinical Led Pilates, 1:1 exercise, workshops and more from the clinic now it is all going to be under one roof. We have lots of exciting plans for the studio so watch this space!!!!!

we will be holding a cheese and wine open evening soon. Where you can come along and find out about all our new services and meet some of the staff…

Dietician: We are really excited to say we now provide the services of a Clinical Dietician at the clinic! You can now book in for advice/treatment on weight loss, nutrition, women’s health problems, post-surgical recovery and chronic illness management to name some of the areas she can help you with. She works with adults and children alike to help put them back on the road to recovery.

Why not contact the clinic with any queries about this service and she will be happy to answer them.