Did you know a good diet really can boost your bones?
Have you been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis? Or are you pregnant or going through the menopause? Or suffering from and inflammatory bowel or autoimmune condition and/taking corticosteroid injections/treatments then you ‘re at a higher risk of developing these conditions and will want to prevent them developing in the future.

Want a better quality of Life?
Your Physiotherapist or consultant may have explained about your condition and you might already be experiencing some of the debilitating symptoms. Did you know managing your diet can not only help prevent these conditions but also help to alleviate the symptoms?

Managing your Diet – Prevention and Symptom relief.

Dietitian appointment: Did you know you need at least 700mg to 1000mg of Calcium and also 10mg of Vit D daily?
If you would like to learn more how to achieve this through diet and how diet can help you and your symptoms our Dietitian will calculate a bespoke diet plan tailored to your unique nutritional needs and expectations. Please contact the clinic on 01517229955 to discuss further.

Breakfast Berry Delight (Can be a healthy snack too)
*70g Oats
*2 tbsp golden linseeds
*2 ripe bananas
*140g of frozen raspberries
*175g natural bio Yogurt

To make:
* Pour 200mls of boiling water over all ingredients and chill
* Layer in glass with yogurt
*Top with raspberries
Option: Garnish with plain pistachio nuts

Provides: ~200mg of your RDA for calcium contains Vit D

Nutrition FACT:
You are 15 % bone – A fully grown adult will have 206 bones – you carry 1kg of calcium in your body and 99% of it is needed for bone growth and strength.

Don’t delay it’s never too late to protect and boost your bone health –Book an appointment today and watch this space for our workshop at the clinic on osteoporosis coming soon…